AMAZONE by AANOUKIS Swimwear - S17 


Discover AANOUKIS SWIMWEAR’s latest manifesto on modern womanhood, celebrating a subversive powerful femininity !

Conjuring up the spirit of the mythical Amazons, these fascinating and dreaded warriors, daughters of the Goddess Aphrodite, AMAZONE is a fiery tribute to the modern women; their strength, their genuine sense of solidarity and their fighting spirit.

Conquistadors of modern times - romantic yet resilient, feminine, but also wild and fearsome, and above all, Free.

Following last season’s collection Womanity, AMAZONE offers fierce and sensual pieces, with minimalist, asymmetric yet sophisticated cuts.

"Warrior princess on the beach, armed with your favorite sculpting body curves AANOUKIS SWIMWEAR, reveal your inner strength to conquer the wild seas !"

Credit photos : Special Thanks to photograph Mario Schmitt for his remarkable work and dedication.